What’s with all the Crypto hype? Max Freeman explains…

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Max Freeman have a conversation about all the hype surrounding Crypto Currency, all of the possible opportunities and challenges that are present with a new monetary system, and why it’s important to continue the evolution of how we exchange goods and services.

Max is a Stanford alumni, an author, a finance and crypto/blockchain expert, and a podcaster. He’s had the privilege of interviewing such notables as Saifedean Ammous, Robert Breedlove, and Mark Cuban. In September 2019 the founders at Epic Cash looked at the technologies in place for cryptocurrency transactions and saw the opportunity to enhance the “Future of Money” evolution. EPIC claims to provide a fully secure, decentralized platform, entirely controlled by the end-users for payment transactions.

The EPIC CASH project has taken a little more than two years of preparation to finally introduce this privacy blockchain to the world. Mr. Freeman started EPIC in his Stanford dorm room. That company now runs on its own with over 200 employees in 70 countries. Cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular, have proven to be massively successful when it comes to maintaining a store of value. Despite all the volatility in the dollar price, the overall trajectory has been quite clear. We expect this trend will continue as more people recognize the inflationary threat inherent in fiat currencies.

Mr. Freeman shares some insights from the front lines of the Crypto wave. He has endeavored to create a financial environment that takes the best of anonymity while also maintaining security through the practical use of cryptocurrency. During the conversation Grey & Freeman explore how all this fits into our ever changing society.

To find more from Max Freeman you can visit: www.epic.tech

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