What happened to Heather Prosak?!

In this episode, Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Former Radio Host Heather Prosak have a conversation about the infamous video that disrupted the mainstream narrative, how dangerous it can be to share the truth, and what happens when a strong young woman is backed into a corner.

Heather Prosak, the former morning show host at XL 103 Calgary, held an Instagram Live video on Wednesday that shows her walking near the Parliament in Ottawa and calling the trucker convoy “really beautiful.” This video was Heather’s attempt at reporting on real news from the front line. In the 10-minute video, she shows the reality of the Freedom Convoy and how important it is to question the messages we hear and see on the internet.

Grey & Prosak take a deep dive into what Heather was thinking when she decided to see things for herself, what happened when she decided to share the video with her audience, and how badly the radio station acted when they found out she was sharing a message that contradicted their own.

To listen to Heather’s new podcast you can visit: www.knowledgemediacorp.com

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