Trudeau administration declares war on Tamara Lich

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Jeffrey Rath have a conversation about the ongoing legal battle between the government and Tamara Lich, how important the upcoming Canadian election is going to be, and why we should be considering new leadership.

Jeff has been involved in winning cases for First Nations at every level of Court in Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada; the Federal Court of Appeal; the Federal Court Trial Division; the Alberta Court of Appeal; the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench; and the Provincial Court of Alberta; the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal; the Supreme Court of British Columbia; and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Jeffrey made an appearance on the Grey Matter Podcast earlier this year to share some of his insights into the ongoing Deena Hinshaw case.

He is returning to share some updates to the story and what he’s uncovered in the work he’s been doing. Rath recently wrote in an article for The Western Standard “Anybody who watched Trudeau calling Albertans every name in the book when they gathered in Ottawa to protest his authoritarianism knows that Trudeau separated Canada from Alberta the day that he unlawfully and without excuse invoked the Emergency Measures Act.” clearly indicating his personal stance on the Prime Minister’s actions during the Freedom Convoy.

Rath and Grey have a conversation about all the details surrounding the Tamara Lich case and how she has inadvertently become a political prisoner, all the while some may consider Tamara Lich as a freedom fighter who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as the topic of our current leadership candidates and where their interests fall in the greater order of things.

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