Towering Tyrants: What Is The Antidote?

Leighton B. U. Grey KC – November 20, 2022

“Those who will not be governed by god will be ruled by tyrants.”

– William Penn

When I was a boy, “Nimrod” was an epithet describing someone lacking intelligence or sound judgment. In fact, Nimrod was a rather impressive personage. The great-grandson of Noah, Nimrod is described in Genesis as the first of the ante-diluvian “mighty men”. Nimrod it seems was much larger than the average man, a giant even. The Bible calls him “a mighty hunter before the Lord.” Nimrod established a great kingdom that included the infamous Babel. Nimrod was possessed of prodigious physical strength and an indomitable will. No wonder then that so many people of his time followed him, and that legends have emerged about him. Why then is his name associated with an insult or slur?

As the leader of the kingdom of Babel, Nimrod is of course connected with the infamous Tower described at Genesis Chapter 6. Hebrew lore holds that Nimrod swore revenge upon God, so that if God had a mind to drown the world again, Nimrod would build a tower too high for the waters to reach, and that Nimrod would thereby avenge God himself for destroying his forefathers. The motive for building the Tower was thus to protect humanity against another flood, ignoring of course that the reason for the first great deluge was humanity’s own wickedness and rebellion, from which mankind had refused to repent.

Nimrod was therefore rebellious against God, just like his forebears. He espoused a form of Old Testament secularism, persuading his people not to ascribe their strength to God as a means of fulfillment, but to believe instead that it was their own courage which procured such happiness. Construction of the Tower ended inexorably with a typical Old Testamentary demonstration of God’s power: He conflated the languages of those working on the Tower, making it impossible for them to communicate effectively to complete construction. And so Nimrod was proven a colossal fool: all of mankind’s strength and abilities, even the mightiest among them, are bestowed by a God who can rescind such emoluments at any moment.

Nimrod has therefore lent his immortal name to our cultural lexicon, and remains a character in the mythology of many ancient cultures. He shows up in Hungarian, Greek, Arabic, Syrian, and American legends. He is even mentioned as the Lord of Christmas and connected to the legend of Hercules. Nimrod was indubitably a powerful, charismatic hero of the ancient world who actually attempted to build a Tower to heaven, hoping to thwart God himself. In the end, however, Nimrod’s power and glory came to nothing. Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord, but he proved once again that humility before the Lord is the proper posture of the wise. In short, Nimrod was a Tyrant, and therefore worthy of derision.

There is a popular meme on the internet about the cycle of tyrants. It looks something like this:

Our modern tyrants are not giants like Nimrod, but they are every bit as arrogant, vain, and foolish. Many of us are living under the delusion that God is sending another King David to rescue us, and that we simply need to hold out until such a person is democratically elected. I do not think that this kind of help is on the way, and that may appear on the surface to be rather pessimistic. On the contrary, it may just be that we are now a nation once established according to the supremacy of God and the Rule of Law that has since permitted weak, evil, wicked leaders to steal our heritage from us. We have adopted their secular religions: CRT, DIE, environmental extremism, gender fluidity and child mutilation, multiculturalism (note the word “cult” in the middle of that one), pandemic hysteria, and globalism. We have bowed down to these false idols and worshiped with them, rather than calling down God’s judgment upon them for their treachery.

The best news is that since we have ignored the problem and become so open minded that God may decide to handle both the removal of the wicked from their positions of power and their judgment as to guilt, innocence and suitable punishment in their eternal destiny. God does not need an election or anyone to accomplish His Will. He does not require the help of a Trump, a DeSantis, a Pollievre, or a Danielle Smith. The Tower of tyranny can be easily and swiftly swept aside, just as it was at Babel.

Sadly, many progressive Christian churches no longer believe this to be so. Such churches went along with government closures and other dictates during the Covid 19 lockdowns and have worked assiduously to render themselves indistinguishable from the secular world, in the vain hope of becoming more broadly accepted by the masses. These progressives and their congregations also openly attacked courageously inspired faith leaders like James Coates and Timothy Stephens, who stood up to overt government oppression of Christianity. In so doing, these progressives became estranged from Christianity and of little or no use in the eternal battle to save people from evil and hell. These Churches developed a form of godliness, but denied the source thereof, just as Nimrod persuaded his subjects to do when they built his vaunted Tower.
What these progressive churches have entirely forgotten is that God does not act on a natural human scale. That is not who He is. Mankind cannot build a Tower high enough to withstand His judgment. God acts on a supernatural level affecting everything within and without Creation— the physical and the metaphysical—to align His desires and His will. God does not require humanity to accomplish His Will upon the earth or anywhere else.

God has told us this in His Word from the outset. He spoke the world and everything there is into existence. Put simply, God’s words become His Will, which becomes everyone’s reality. Today, mass media and government are trying to mimic God’s effect with their words, but are aligned with evil, speaking a Satanic agenda into existence through lies supporting the false secular idols they have come to worship. This is precisely how the Chicken Little “everything is going to get worse and worse, and then Armageddon will come” crowd serves the tyrants, by repeating their desired outcome, affirming these words in defiance of what God has already told us through his own Word. UN Agenda 2030 is but one such example: “you will own nothing, and be happy”, which is anathema to our Lord’s command to “be fruitful and multiply.”

We all have access to God’s Word and His Will as revealed in the Holy Bible. How then did the Big Bang (time, chance and natural causes) come to be taught to young school children in our publicly funded schools? How then did it come to be educational to frighten children into acceptance of the absurdity that CO2 emissions will soon cause our destruction? That the very basic laws of nature regarding sexuality are nothing more than playthings in the hands of those who would usurp them, confusing developing minds into the fallacy that they can self-identify as cats or even venal house plants? The scientific method is an important and useful tool discovered by mankind to reveal the mysteries of the natural world. It has also been subjected to incredible abuse by power lusty government experts and their tyrant masters, who seek to destroy all knowledge of God, truth, and objective reality, and to replace their memory with the dark ideologies they falsely worship to gain dominion over us.

The minds of these tyrants are hideously and hopelessly corrupted by what they worship. This is the moral turpitude of political leaders who fly on private jets from all over the world to meet and plot mass extermination of human beings upon the altar of psychopathic climate policies and Covid hysteria. Why would we imagine that they have anything to teach us, let alone our children? How could we permit them to use our tax dollars to force converts among our own children, who are being mutilated for the sake of radical gender theory in the name of “gender affirming healthcare”?

The Tower of Tyranny is being built before our very eyes, and we are carrying their bricks for them. Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, and weak men of their ilk have supervised the construction. Only our Faith, our Love, our Vigilance, and the Mighty Hand of God can topple it. Calls for Freedom, equality, dignity, prosperity, and justice will not get the job done; not until we understand and know that the important work must be done by our Lord, and is not a project befitting the hands of the weak men and women who now serve as our elected leaders.

The 20th century libertarian economist, Friedrich Hayek summed this point up rather well:

“Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions voting themselves into complete dependance on a tyrant has made our generation understand that to choose one’s government is not necessarily to secure freedom.”

– Friedrich Hayek