The World Economic Forum has been manipulating the Canadian Government

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Bob Blayone have a conversation about how the World Economic Forum has been influencing Canadian Politics, how our political parties are conspiring to further a nefarious agenda, and his role in the Alberta Independence Party.

Bob Blayone is an Alberta advocate who believes in freedom and prosperity for all, and is a man who puts the well-being and success of all Albertans first. Bob is a proud Albertan of diverse ancestry. Part Metis with his fourth Great Grandfather being Chief Black Powder, a strong leader of his time. Someone who also opposed the tyranny of men. Mr. Blayone comes from humble beginnings and was taught the value of hard work and self determination. Of those values he holds in high esteem the responsibility for his own destiny. Through opportunity provided to him by the wonderful province of Alberta, and through hard work and commitment – prosperity was found.

Bob Blayone has a passion to see stolen opportunities returned to the people of Alberta, so that future generations may also reap the rewards of hard work and determination and he is on a mission to make it so. Among many of Bob’s goals is to see Albertans standing in unity, while creating a political movement of the people, and working to restore Albertan’s rights, freedoms, and opportunities. Freedom through Independence. Bob believes that the Alberta Unity Project is the pathway to reaching those goals. The objective of The Independence Party is to provide effective government that reduces Alberta’s dependence upon Canada’s federal government as it works towards establishing an independent Alberta nation. Upon forming government, The Independence Party will name a date for a referendum on independence within the first year.

Blayone & Grey open up the discussion by exploring the role the WEF has had in world politics in the past couple decades, how that has affected the Canadian people as a whole, and what the people of Alberta can be doing to maintain their rights and freedoms during these uncertain times.

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