The Government and Pharmaceutical companies are manipulating the masses

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Karen Selick have a conversation about the process of selecting judicial candidates and the damage that is being done as a result of a flawed system, how the people involved in the decision making process have been tampering with the accountability of the decisions being made, and how we can work to improve the system for the advancement of our society.

From 2009 to 2015, Karen was the Litigation Director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation. Now she writes occasionally for the Western Standard online, and produces a variety of video content exploring the current climate of health, wellness, and politics.

Karen became interested in the dangers of vaccination several years before “COVID-19” started, and had already read numerous books on the subject. The last thing she thought while researching the subject of vaccines was that it would eventually become the central subject of everyone’s life.

Karen Selick is a Columnist for the Western Standard and based near Belleville, Ontario. She has been a columnist for the National Post, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, and the original Western Standard. She retired in 2016 after 38 years of practicing law.

As a freelance writer Karen has been published in a number of different outlets including The Globe and Mail, National Post, The Epoch Times, Toronto Sun, Financial Post, Business in Vancouver (BIV), Citizens Journal, Western Standard, TroyMEDIA, and the Swan Hills Grizzly Gazette.

Selick and Grey explore the censorship of information on the internet and how damaging it can be to our collective decision making process, how the government has been manipulating the messaging to influence the masses, and the role we all play in holding our leadership accountable while staying informed about important issues we are facing.

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