Post pandemic data shows just how dangerous group think can be

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Paul Frijters have a conversation about the role micro and macro economics should play when it comes to the governments role in handling emergency situations, how important is is for us to always question the narrative, and the dangers of group think in times of uncertainty.

Paul Frijters completed his Masters in Econometrics at the University of Groningen, including a seven-month stay in Durban, South Africa before completing a PhD at the University of Amsterdam into wellbeing in Russia during the transition. Paul is currently a Professor in Wellbeing Economics at the LSE, teaching the Masters Course in Wellbeing and Public Policy.

Professor Frijters specializes in applied micro-econometrics, including labor, happiness, and health economics, though he has also worked on pure theoretical topics in macro and micro fields. Paul is interested in all aspects of social science, but particularly wellbeing and public policy. He has in the past worked as a health economist, a labor economist, a specialist on the economics of China, and an econometrician. He does lab experiments, field experiments, big data analyses, simulation modelling, macro-modelling, econometric theory, and field work.

During the show Paul & Leighton share their expertise when it comes to the importance of data when making decisions, how the scientific process has been designed to naturally challenge claims until a consensus is reached, and how important it is to take individual responsibility in emergency situations.

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