Pfizer admits they have insufficient data to make the claim that vaccines are safe or effective

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Ted Kuntz have a conversation about the data behind safety and efficacy of all vaccines, how the pharmaceutical companies have infiltrated the government and media to capitalize on uninformed citizens of North America, and how the recent technology of the Covid 19 Vaccine is not actually what they claim it is.

Ted Kuntz is a father, a medical choice activist, and an educator. Kuntz’s journey to examine the claims of the vaccine industry began after his son Joshua was neurologically injured by the DPT shot in 1984.

Kuntz began a journey to understand what happened to his son when he suffered adverse effects of the DPT vaccine. This journey revealed that the vaccine industry has been systematically and intentionally dishonest with parents on the safety, effectiveness and necessity of vaccinations.

Ted strongly believes the organized and pervasive effort to deny citizens their right to medical decision making for themselves and their children is the greatest threat to humanity today. If we lose the capacity for choice over what is injected into oneself and our children, then we are no longer free citizens.

In his book “Dare to Question” Ted acknowledges that while there is evidence that some vaccines have been effective in the suppression of some infectious diseases (measles, chicken pox, whooping cough), the total impact of the artificial stimulation of the immune system on overall health is not well understood or established.

Vaccine Choice Canada was founded in the 1980s under the name Vaccination Risk Awareness Network and adopted its current name in 2014. The group has been contributing to vaccine awareness in Canada, educating citizens on immunization and working with legislators to support anti-vaccine regulations and legislation in Canada to allow for individuals to have the right to choose what happens to their bodies.

VCC, its chapters and members exist to actively educate all Canadians about the risks of vaccines, to protect the ethical and legal right of informed consent and bodily autonomy, and to safeguard a legal caregiver’s right to make medical decisions for their dependents and individuals under their care.

Kuntz and Grey share a conversation about the history of vaccinations in North America, how the Covid 19 vaccine isn’t actually a vaccine, and how government and media manipulation has played a huge role in denying citizens the right to informed consent.

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