Peter Holle on how important “Think Tank’s” are in influencing policy

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Peter Holle have a conversation about how he came to organize a powerful “Think Tank”, some of the work he has been doing to help evolve the system of Government, and why it’s so important to challenge the status quo.

Peter Holle is the founding President of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an award-winning western Canadian based public policy think tank. Since its founding in 1997, Frontier has brought a distinctive and influential Prairie voice to regional and national debates over public policy in areas such as core public sector reform, housing, poverty, aboriginals, consumer-focused health care, equalization, rural policy and much more. Its mission has been to develop and popularize policy choices that will help Canada’s prairie region live up to its vast but unrealized economic potential.

Mr. Holle has worked extensively with public sector reform and has provided advisory services to various governments across Canada and the United States. His publications have appeared in various newspapers and journals including dozens of newspapers, the National Post and the Wall Street Journal. Peter has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is a member of various organizations including the Mont Pelerin Society, an international organization of classical liberals.

Holle & Grey have a conversation about the evolution of government systems, why it’s important to have a group of educated minds working to solve complex problems, and what he has done as a policy maker.

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