Pastor James Coates Shares His Feelings On His Controversial Arrest

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Pastor and Teacher James Coates have a conversation about the link between God and Government, how to handle tough situations, and his 35 day experience behind bars.

Pastor James Coates has very polarizing beliefs when it comes to the handling of the COVID 19 pandemic. When he was faced with the decision to abide by the mandates enforced by the Government or to maintain business as usual he chose the latter. And faced the consequences of that choice to the tune of 35 days in jail.

Once licked up and behind bars James Coates faced another incredible dilemma. An offer was presented to him to make a public apology and fall in line “or else”. His conviction to his beliefs lead him to serve out the sentence until his legal representation could sort out the finer details. This gave him an incredible opportunity that he jumped on without hesitation.

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