Out From The Shadows

Could Christian Nationalism Be The Antidote to Globalist Tyranny?

Leighton B. U. Grey, K.C., Creator & Host of The Grey Matter Podcast

In Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, Socrates paints a striking portrait of people chained from birth deep in a cave by the neck and legs so that they can only see the dark wall inside the cave. Consequently, they only “know” the shadows cast by firelight behind them on the blackened wall of the cave. There are others: unchained “puppet masters”, who manipulate their manacled prisoners. Some puppet masters carry objects, such as a sword, between the fire and their captives and utter the word “sword” when its shadow flits across the rear wall of the cave. Since those in bondage never see an actual sword, they come to associate the word “sword” with the apparition projected upon the black cave walls.

The same is true for all objects; thus, they do not even know what their own words mean. The word “sword” actually means a sharpened metallic weapon, but the prisoners imagine it is a fleeting shadow dancing across the cave wall. Conditioned from birth in this way, the prisoners do not even realize that they are in a cave nor have any concept of what a cave is. They therefore cannot conceive that they are prisoners in a captive reality. Their “reality” is an insubstantial parade of shadows dancing before their eyes. The “puppet masters” have kept them in a state of complete illusion about both themselves and the world.

When the antagonist, Glaucon, says that these are strange prisoners, Socrates retorts “they are like us.” We are the prisoners in the cave. The fact that Glaucon finds the image alien shows that he does not know himself. He may even think himself free, but he too is a prisoner in a cave being manipulated by puppet masters. He cannot even imagine the kind of prisoner he is, let alone the extent of his slavery. Plato’s allegory is not a strange fancy. It is meant to describe the human condition. We have no idea what reality is. We do not even know the meanings of our own words. This has never been more true than it is today.

The point of Plato’s allegory is that tyranny is the rule rather than the exception. Indeed, history chronicles that tyranny is the homeostatic state of humanity. After all, Plato did not reside under Sparta’s military dictatorship, but in Athens, the inaugural democracy, populated by glorious minds such as Pericles, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Aristotle, Pythagoras, and more. If even Athens in the golden age of Greece was a disguised tyranny, then tyranny itself is prevalent. It is not as though there is tyranny over there in China but we are free here in Canada. The nature of the control may differ, but the methods of authoritarianism are so diabolical that Canadians who fancy themselves fortunate citizens of the “True North Strong & Free” are so deluded that they do not even feel the chains rattling at their necks.

The WOKE puppet masters in government, big corporate, news media, social media, and Hollywood are so arrogant that if you ask too many questions (like some of us have done), you are censored, or worse. You are told what to think. You do not want to be a Covid or climate catastrophe denier, do you? That can only win you one or all of the leftist labels such as “racist”, “misogynist”, “islamophobe”, “transphobe”, “conspiracy theorist”, or “misinformant”. These terms are now equivalent to murderers and rapists in attracting public scorn. You do not want any trouble; so you announce your pronouns, you call Kaitlin Jenner a “she”, and go along to get along. You deny what you know to be true until truth itself has no meaning. It is just another shadow flickering along the wall of the cave.

We once thought we knew what a woman was, but now we have an Ontario shop teacher with 80 inch prosthetic breasts and a blond wig whose asserted right to be called a woman trumps all reason. He knows that he is not a woman, but we are still expected to all play along. Everything is play acting now. We used to know what boys and girls are (one of the great joys in life), but now we are told that boys are girls if they simply identify as such. What if someone tells us that they are a boy on MWF, but a girl every other day of the week? It is going to get awfully confusing. But perhaps that is the goal? After all, a conflated, ambivalent, mixed up peasant class is much easier to control and vulnerable to manipulation. Our sagacious puppet masters will need to sort all of this out for us, for which we must be most grateful. If the pressure to submit continues on its present course, the day may soon dawn when it is said of us what Orwell wrote of Winston in the closing sentences of “1984”:

“He had won the victory over himself:
He [now] loved Big Brother.”

So what then is the antidote to such tyranny? Putting God, Family, and Country first, as the newly elected Italian Prime Minister Meloni says, ought not to be controversial at all. It nevertheless presents an existential threat to authoritarians across the globe. Whether it is today’s Canadian totalitarians or the CCP—God, Family, and Country stand in the way of subjugating free people. They invite people to cease being mesmerized by cold shadow play on cave walls and instead turn their heads to gaze into the warm light of philosophy, which literally means “lover of knowledge.”

These three principles have endured attack for centuries, and the rationale is simple. If people believe in God, Family, and Country, they are less apt to embrace tyrannical politicians and their faux ideologies. Consequently, these tripartite tenets of democracy and freedom must be destroyed by our puppet masters.

Let us begin with God. Atheism has always existed, but the notion of basing a political system on it only began to take shape during the 18th century. It was Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who posited that we are fundamentally good but corrupted by society, such that citizenship does not require compassion for others. This perversion of Biblical truths concerning the sinful, hopelessly corrupt, depraved state of man by virtue of original sin led inexorably to the false notion that man and society are corrigible. All we need do is replace the Word of God and Biblical law with secular morality.

Rousseau’s theories were expressed in the French Revolution of 1789. The unfulfilled promises of liberty, equality, and brotherhood were swiftly betrayed and devolved into the Reign of Terror, resulting in tens of thousands of decapitations and assorted murders. Along the way, the historic Notre Dame Cathedral was rebranded the Temple of Reason, other churches were sacked or destroyed, clergymen were killed and exiled, and the Georgian calendar was rejected. The storming of the Bastille did not occur in ‘The Year of Our Lord 1789’, but in Year 1 of what was called the Era of Liberty. In truth, it was a decade of vicious paganism which simply replaced an inherent Monarch with a self-anointed Emperor.

The French Revolution did not bring liberty, equality, or fraternity to France. It instead established the template for instantiation of the Marxist-Leninist Russian Revolution of 1917. Clearly, God has no place in a society ruled by puppet master tyrants. Nor is there any place for family, either. Marx declared marriage farcical and called for abolition of the nuclear family. In his 1848 “Manifesto of the Communist Party”, Marx ranted:

“The bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parents and child, becomes all the more disgusting by the action of Modern Industry, all the family ties and proletarians are torn asunder, and their children transformed into simple articles of commerce and instruments of labour.”

The Marx’s long-time collaborator, Friedrich Engels, echoed the same vile ideas in his 1884 opus entitled “Origins of The Family, Private Property and The State”:

“The modern individual family is founded upon the open or concealed domestic slavery of the wife, and modern society is a mass composed of these individual families as its molecules.”

Finally, there is country. Malcontent with deconstructing the institutional foundations of marriage and family, Marx saved his best missives for sovereign nations. “The communists are reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality.” This agenda is crystal clear in the contemporary evil agenda of the World Economic Forum and leaders like Justin Trudeau, who describes Canada as a post nation state with no distinct core identity or shared basic values.

It should not be controversial to prioritize God, Family, and Country, but to put these things first is to reject the three pillars of Communism and all similarly tyrannical forms of government. Turning one’s gaze away from the rear wall of the cave and into the light, to question the chains placed upon us by these puppet masters, means drawing a big fat target on ourselves.

Our authoritarian puppet masters understand very well that if individuals place God, Family, and Country first, then they de-prioritize and in fact usurp state supremacy. They also know, and The Freedom Convoy proved, that if one person says it, then others will feel empowered and encouraged to agree. That is repugnant to those who believe in the writings of Rousseau, Marx, Engels, Schwab, and their ilk.

In response, belief in God must be reduced to something between ignorant bumpkinism and dangerous radicalism. The Family and marriage are reduced to systems of oppression and whoredom. National identity is decried as the “handmaiden of the bourgeoisie”

The left, our puppet masters, are clearly obsessed with demonizing traditional beliefs, questions and observations. They do this to destroy the cultural ties which bind us as individuals, as families, as peoples, and as nations. They do this out of an avaricious appetite for money, power, and control. The really good news however, is that they can only succeed if we let them continue to convince us that mere shadows are actually swords.