Norman Traversy has charged Justin Trudeau with obstruction of justice

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Norman Traversy have a conversation about his experience as a Firefighter in Mississauga, Ontario, how he came to be involved in the organization of the Canadian Freedom Convoy of 2022, and the work he has been doing to seek justice for the alleged crimes Justin Trudeau has committed during his reign as Prime Minister.

Norman Traversy is a Canadian, ex-firefighter who swore the firefighter’s oath to aid his fellow man in time of need. After a career in the fire service, Norman has dedicated his life to fighting the rampant corruption within Canadian society with the innovative use of previously ignored laws and methods.

Seeing that RCMP, Supervising Authorities, and the Main Stream Media haven’t really done anything to bring charges against the Prime Minister for alleged crimes Norman Traversy filed a Private Prosecution against Justin Trudeau. Norman has served a letter to the Ethics Commissioner – concerning Trudeau’s obstruction of justice.

In a public statement the Justice for Canada team outlines their mission as follows: We call upon the Government of Canada to: Task the RCMP to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the Trudeau, WE, and SNC-Lavalin scandals. Investigate the role of the Prime Minister and his Privy Council in the obstruction of justice in the aforementioned WE and SNC-Lavalin scandals. And investigate the monetary connections between the Trudeau family and the WE “Charity”

Traversy and Grey explore the situation with the Freedom Convoy and how it was organized as one of the most historical protests in Canadian history, why he’s decided to take up the fight against the alleged crimes committed by Justin Trudeau, and how he hopes things will unfold.

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