Medical tyranny is running rampant in the Canadian health care system

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Daniel Nagase have a conversation about Dr. Nagase’s first experience challenging the Canadian health care’s administrative policies when he was working with a group of unstable patients, how he became a pariah during the initial phase of the pandemic when he was advocating for the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine while challenging the vaccine schedule, and his belief that the new mRNA technology is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb from a medical standpoint.

Nagase, who has resigned his license to practice in B.C., has been accused of violating professional standards by “making public addresses regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and related issues that included his making misleading, incorrect, or inflammatory statements about vaccinations, treatments and measures for COVID-19.”

Nagase was participating in an anti-vaccine protest outside the North Vancouver RCMP detachment where he suggested in his speech that there were more than a dozen stillbirths in 24 hours at Lions Gate Hospital among mothers who had received the COVID-19 vaccine and as a result has been facing backlash from the media and his peers.

A Discipline Committee Panel will be appointed to conduct a hearing to inquire into Dr. Nagase’s alleged misconduct, namely that, on or about December 9, 2021, while a registrant, Dr. Nagase contravened standards imposed under the Health Professions Act, including but not limited to the Canadian Medical Association’s Code of Ethics and Professionalism, by making public addresses regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and related issues.

Dr. Nagase and Grey get into the story behind why the doctor started speaking out against the false narrative the medical profession was pushing, some of the turmoil that arose as a result of the actions Daniel had taken, and why he continues to fight against the establishment.

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