Leighton Grey speaks at the Alberta Prosperity Project Event in Wetaskiwin

If you’ve heard about the Alberta Prosperity Project nd are unsure what they’re up to or how they are working to create a better Alberta Host of The Grey Matter Podcast, Leighton Grey takes the stage in Wetaskiwin, Alberta to share some of his thoughts on their work.

The Alberta Prosperity Project is a not-for-profit, non-partisan educational society, uniting all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their interests, freedoms and rights. The APP is an inspiring initiative to unite all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their interests, freedoms and rights, prosperity, and self- determination by the only means possible, which is to enable Alberta to chart a new path forward unconstrained by the consistent unfair treatment of Alberta within Confederation.

The APP believes that the road to freedom and prosperity is through independence. Their vision is for Alberta to become a new Sovereign Constitutional Republic that recognizes the Supremacy of God as foundational to an “Alberta Constitution”, civil society, the rule of law, and which absolutely protects Albertan’s individual freedoms and rights.

During his address Grey focuses on the meaning of prosperity and how it ties in with the future of Alberta, how we can structure a new constitution that will eliminate the abuse of power and corruption we’ve witnessed during the Pandemic, and what you can do to get involved and earn more about the project.

To find more from The Alberta Prosperity Project you can visit: https://albertaprosperityproject.com

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