James Kitchen is still fighting the good fight against COVID-19 measures

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and James Kitchen have a conversation about how James came to find his passion for fighting for rights and freedoms by enforcing the rule of law in Canada, some of the cases he has been working on during the Pandemic, and how he hopes things turn out as he continues to fight against unjust mandates enforced by the Canadian Health System.

After spending over five years in constitutional litigation with a national public interest law firm, James launched his own practice in 2021. As a litigator with demonstrated excellence in written and oral advocacy, James is committed to fiercely defending civil liberties, upholding constitutional and human rights, and advocating for health freedom.

James S. M. Kitchen has recently been appointed as Liberty Coalition Canada’s Chief Litigator. James practices in areas of Charter and human rights, employment, and education, with a focus on health freedom.

James has appeared before provincial, superior, and appellate level courts in multiple provinces. As a passionate advocate, Mr. Kitchen has been focused on defending those penalized while exercising their fundamental rights in the face of government censorship and oppression.

In a recent interview James was quoted as saying: “We know better now and from the perspective of our Constitution we need to weigh the harms and balance them out. So, do we go into lockdown and devastate all of society, or do we tailor the government’s measures to protect those who are more vulnerable and be a little more precise?”

Kitchen and Grey explore some of the work he has been doing with the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, the wins and challenges James has faced during his battle against the Government, and some of the outcomes he hopes for as the conspiracy continues to unravel.

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