Is your teenager anxious, self-critical, and always overthinking?

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Andrew Pardy have a conversation about the effect good parenting can have on young athletes, what it means to be a self aware athlete, and how you can help your teenager overcome anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.

Andrew is a consultant to professional and college sports teams and a performance skills coach. He helps elite teenage athletes acquire the self-awareness, mindset and performance skills they need to empower optimal performance. Andrew is a global leader in sports psychometric assessment and mental game analytics. He has a unique ability to measure the specific intangible building blocks of performance most relevant for each individual athlete. This allows him to pinpoint the specific mental game hurdles that each unique athlete must overcome to clear a path to success. Andrew enjoyed a four year college athletic career where he learned that skills are physical but consistent performance is mental. He is uniquely equipped to empower athletes to reach optimal states of performance on demand to outperform their competition.

When Grey and Pardy get into the conversation they talk about the issues our teenagers are facing in the wake of the pandemic, what the real stresses are and how they can become learning experiences, and what you can do to support your anxious and stressed out teens.

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