Is Hollywood TOO woke now?

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Christian Toto have a conversation about the evolution of Hollywood and it’s role in shaping our culture, how the new content coming out of Hollywood has slanted towards a new narrative, and the implications it has on the future of our society.

Christian Toto is a film critic, entertainment expert and founder of, a comprehensive site covering pop culture from a conservative perspective. In the current political climate it seems that most Hollywood reporters lean to the Left in their content. Christian’s aim when founding is to represent the half of the country that is far too often ignored by the press.

Toto previously served as an associate editor at Breitbart News and features reporter/film critic at The Washington Times. His work has appeared in The Daily Wire, The New York Post, Real Clear Investigations, National Review, The Federalist, Townhall, People Magazine and Newsbusters. Christian boasts more than 15 years experience spanning the web, print publications and magazines Christian has written for The Denver Post, The Washington Times, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, People magazine, Breitbart News and many more outlets and he also covers fatherhood issues on his blogs and

In this conversation Toto & Grey share their perspective on the recent releases in our theaters and the public reaction to the blatant new agenda, why it’s important for Hollywood to have an unbiased narrative in the content they create, and why the biased content they’ve been releasing has created such an uproar in western culture.

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