Gold Medal Champion Maeghen Cotterill opens up about women in martial arts

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Maeghen Cotterill have a conversation about how she came to find such a dedicated interest in martial arts, the challenges she faced in creating a space to help others discover the power of martial arts, and some of the adventures she’s enjoyed as she continued down her path. 

Maeghen Cotterill is an Elite Martial Artist and entrepreneur with a long track record of helping people achieve their goals and dreams in the Martial Arts. Maeghen has 30+ years of Martial Arts experience, holds multiple different Black Belts (5th Degree in Karate), and is an 11-time Gold Medal World Champion.

Maeghen started martial arts at the age of 8 and now owns and operates the largest martial arts school in Canada. She has been the WKU Western Canadian Regional Director for the last 4 years, and she has been on Team Canada and coaching Team Canada athletes since 2005, and as of 2018 is President of WKU Canada for both Ringsport and Matsports.

Maeghen is also the mother of a young autistic son and believes that everyone who comes into the school should leave feeling better about themselves than they did when they arrived. This is a philosophy that she instills in all her staff and students to ensure an inclusive, fun, and family feeling for the studio.

5 Elements Martial Arts is a world-class facility with expert instructors committed to providing Calgary’s best martial arts training under the leadership of Gold Medal World Champion and 5th Degree Renshi, Maeghen Cotterill. 

Under the leadership of Maeghen Cotterill, 5 Elements Martial Arts is committed to providing an environment for all Calgarians seeking to explore the life changing benefits of Martial Arts. By building a community of people passionate about martial arts, we have created a family that welcomes diversity, holds a place for everyone, and celebrates every achievement.

Cotterill and Grey take a deep dive into the world of martial arts, how she has etched her mark in the history books as a Gold Medal World Champion, and some of the work she is doing to help others find themselves and their place in the world.

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