Getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Ron Oliver have a conversation about how he came to be an elite level health coach who teaches a holistic approach to improving your overall health, how water plays an integral role in your digestion and prevents disease, and what you can start doing today to start making improvements to your own health. 

Ron started his career at 22 years old, when he got hired as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Vancouver, BC. After discovering a majority of clients were stuck taking pharmaceutical drugs because they were sick all the time, he sought out the truth about health and disease, how to increase longevity, and how to achieve a disease-proof immune system. 

For over 30 years Ron has dedicated himself to developing the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding that is needed to achieve an extraordinarily healthy body, mind, and spirit. 

After spending some years working alongside Scientists, Dr’s, Biochemists, Natural Formulators, Strength and Performance Coaches Ron learned of the underlying causes of disease and how to develop a robust immune system and because of what he’s learned he has not been sick once in over 25 years.

Mr. Oliver’s discoveries inspired his business Elite Dynamic Life where he teaches about chronic dehydration, detoxing the body, the importance of a bio-available nutrition plan, how to support and develop your body with the right consistent exercise, and how to develop a very strong & disciplined mind so you can apply the right knowledge and training that will create and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Oliver and Grey explore some of the more sensitive issues related to our gut health and why it’s important to pay attention to what you’re putting in your body, why the marketing machine and big pharma wants you to stay unhealthy to fuel their bottom line, and how important it is for you as an individual to take responsibility for your own health  and immune system.

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