Gas giant ATCO under fire as employee lawsuits unfold

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Matthew McCarthy have a conversation about his role in the ATCO company, how they rolled out the mandates and incentivised their mandate program, and why he decided to say no.

Matthew is among more than 30 ATCO employees who have launched court action against the Calgary-based energy company for requiring employees to be “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. Most of the ATCO employees listed as plaintiffs are not vaccinated, oppose being vaccinated for various personal reasons, and all oppose being required to attest to their vaccination status.

In a recent interview with The Western Standard Matthew said ATCO brought forward a “vaccine incentive program” before the mandates were put in place offering all employees $1,000. “This was done to further coerce the employees, as well as a clever way to find out what percentage of their employees were vaccinated, without actually asking”

ATCO introduced its Workplace Vaccination COVID-19 Standard policy on Oct. 28, 2021 that required all employees to “demonstrate they were vaccinated or have an approved exemption” and “disclose their private health information” by January 1, or face being placed on an unpaid leave of absence. Employees who still had not complied by May 2 were terminated.

McCarthy & Grey explore the work culture at ATCO, how Matt did his best to come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement, and why ATCO was otherwise unwilling to work with their employees to continue working.

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