Former Gold Medal Olympian Jamie Sale Cancelled for Speaking Out

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Jamie Sale have a conversation about how the Gold Medal Olympian came to be an active and outspoken voice in the media questioning mandates and the mainstream narrative, what happened when the cancel culture took over and she was faced with attacks on her character, and some of the work she is doing in tandem with Canadians For Truth.

Jamie Rae Salé (born April 21, 1977) is a Canadian former competitive pair skater. With her former husband David Pelletier, she is the 2002 Olympic Champion and 2001 World Champion. Jamie Sale is best known for her career in Figure Skating, and was successful in winning the Gold Medal for Canada in pairs skating in the 2002 Olympics. This was after many years of competitive figure skating, where she placed 3rd or better 22 times with 16 Championship Honours.

Salé was born in Calgary, Alberta. She competed first as a singles skater, winning the novice bronze medal and placing eighth in junior ladies at the Canadian Championships. In 1994, Salé won the short program and finished with the bronze medal in the junior event at the Canadian Championships. That same year, she achieved her biggest success to date by winning the senior bronze medal with her pairs partner, Jason Turner.

Jamie is certified through The Life Mastery Institute to be a Dream Builder Coach and a Life Mastery Consultant. She enjoys serving others, helping them live a life that they would love through the transformational programs she offers as a personal life coach.

Canadians for Truth has invested in a studio and office located in the Olympic City of Calgary, Alberta. Our objective is to restore truth in Media by offering engaging and entertaining interviews with grassroot Canadians and Americans, holding media and politicians accountable, and offering edgy but truthful media that is both engaging and entertaining.

UNSTOPPABLE TRUTH will be an honest dive into the lives of regular Canadians to hear their stories of challenge, love, and finding the light in their darkest days. This will be a Video Podcast Show that is a Conversation that will relate to audience members who have shared similar challenges dealing with struggle in relationships and truth in their lives, but more importantly their journey of awakening and how this has inspired others to do the same.

Sale and Grey open up about some of the new data that is supporting early claims that the mainstream narrative was misleading citizens, how Canadians For Truth is working to create a platform that will address the censorship issues we’ve encountered, and the progress that is being made by the collective force of those fighting for our rights and freedoms.

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