Damning Memorandum addresses the Constitutionality of BC’s Vaccine Passport Scheme

An excerpt from the document states:

“It is unconscionable that British Columbians have been forced to choose between (a) an unwanted
experimental medical treatment that carries the risk of death, and (b) their careers, their ability to visit
ailing relatives in hospital, and their freedom to fly across Canada.”

A very real and unfathomable statement that calls into question a lot of how the Government has responded to the COVID 19 pandemic. It is hard for many people to comprehend that in a state of emergency a Government can basically get away with anything. The need for action was apparent in the early stages and act they did. It’s important for us all to question the people entrusted to make the best possible decisions regarding the public’s health and safety.

In spite of the overwhelming support of doctors and medical professionals the Great Barrington Declaration was one example of how alternative actions could have been taken. When doctors, medical professionals, and scientists all assert that the statement “Trust The Science” is fundamentally flawed it puts a spotlight on the necessity for some serious checks and balances to prevent catastrophe. The very premise of science is to question everything and examine all possible outcomes before taking action. Sometimes no action is better than the wrong action. And that’s exactly what this memorandum addresses.

To read the 110 page document outlining the details you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.