Could multiculturalism be a misguided idealism?

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Salim Mansur have a conversation about the big difference between the multicultural idealism that Canadians understand and multiethnic principals that have challenged the state of our collective culture, the problem with Canadian politicians and how they’re heavily influenced by foreign organizations, and what Canadians can do to reclaim the country.

Salim Mansur is a Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He is a former columnist for the London Free Press and the Toronto Sun, and has contributed to various publications including National Review, the Middle East Forum and Frontpagemag.

Mansur was born in Kolkata, India and moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he completed his doctorate studies in political science. He was a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada for the 2019 Federal election.

Salim is an academic-consultant with the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. He has been a consultant with CIDA on development issues and has published widely in academic journals on foreign policy matters and area studies of the Middle East and South Asia.

Mansur said in 2009 that Climategate revelations “falsified” a theory associated with the claim of man-made global warming.[21] He has also suggested that climate scientists, “corrupted by the lure of money and influence, subscribed to the UN-based scheme for the largest global tax grab and revenue transfer.

Professor Mansur specialized his focus on international relations and comparative politics with special interest in the politics of South Asia and the Middle East. He has written extensively on these topics since 1994 with his first publication “The Indira-Rajiv Years”

Mansur and Grey explore the idea of modernity and its role in our collective cultural evolution, why it’s important to make a distinction between tolerance and political correctness, and why he is championing his message in spite of the cancel culture backlash.

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