Canada’s identity is at risk of being stolen by the Trudeau Government

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Brad Salzberg have a conversation about how he came to take an interest in multicultural policy in Canada which led to the formation of the Cultural Action Party, some of his perspectives on the immigration policy and how it is affecting Canadian Culture as a whole, and the Government’s involvement in media and propaganda.

Brad Salzberg is the founder of cultural Action Party of Canada, a patriot organization which stand in opposition to mass immigration a multicultural policy Canada

Cultural Action Party represents Canadian citizens who value, and wish to retain, Canada’s traditional identity, heritage and official languages. They stand in direct opposition to globalist forces attempting to undermine and erode Canada’s unique cultural identity.

With an emphasis on the rights of lower and middle-income Canadian citizens, Cultural Action Party monitors Canada’s immigration policy and its economic/social impact upon Canadian society.

Salzburg and Grey explore the weaponization of the mainstream media and the public’s response to it, where there is a disconnect between the ongoing socialist narrative and their marketing to other countries to encourage immigration, and some of the other farcical transgressions of the current Government Administration.

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