Calgary pastor Tim Stephens was arrested for standing up for his congregation

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Tim Stephens have a conversation about some of his story growing up and how he came to be a Pastor, the division between the government and religion, and how we can navigate the difficult situations in our lives.

Tim Stephens is the pastor of Fairview Baptist Church. He started his ministry in January 2014. Tim grew up on a farm in Eastern Ontario and graduated with a Computer Engineering degree from Queen’s University and a Masters of Divinity degree from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He is happily married to Raquel and they have eight children. Prior to serving at Fairview, Tim served as an assistant pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Windsor, Ontario.

Calgary pastor of Fairview Baptist Church Tim Stephens was arrested over accusations of violating public COVID-19 health restrictions. Officers arrested Stephens in late May for failing to comply with a court order. Canadian Pastor Tim Stephens was released from the Calgary Remand Centre on Thursday July 1, 2021, and reunited with his family after spending 17 nights in jail for holding worship services that disobeyed COVID-19 public health orders. Stephens was released on the day the government removed COVID-related restrictions throughout the area.

Stephens and Grey share their thoughts about the role of religion in our culture, how hard it was for Tim to face the choice of renouncing his beliefs to comply with the demands of the politicians playing doctor, and what we can do to create a change in the way our society cooperates.

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