Alberta’s Chris Scott, owner of the Whistle Stop Café is fighting back against the mandates

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Café have a conversation about the battle many business owners in Alberta have been facing, how Chris has taken a stand against the Government’s overreach, and what’s happening behind the scenes.

Chris Scott is the proud owner of The Whistle Stop Café. Located off Highway 21 at highway 50 in Mirror, Alberta, the Whistle Stop is a café, convenience store and gas station with 20′ drive-in movie screen, a rest area and an RV park with full hookups. Chris hosts his own podcast over on Facebook called The Chris & Kerry Show. Check it out here:…

Leighton and Chris don’t hold back in their criticisms of the mandates and actions taken by those who have made the choice to enforce them. In an ongoing legal battle Chris has become very politically active and urges others to get involved so that their voices are heard.

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